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Hey! So I just posted a cover of U Smile by Justin Bieber and it would mean a lot if you guys check it out(: And it would be great if you could reblog this so more people can see it! Thank you(:


i’m shysexual

very shy

very sexual

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Anónimo preguntó: As bad as it sounds the whole 5sos rumor that they're bitching about fat fans to groupies is literally the only reason I'm on a diet now



wow this literally upsets me so much…the boys would never ever say something like that about their FANS. they would never ever say something so rude, because they know that people like you would take it to heart. and you shouldn’t because they would NEVER say that! they preach all the time that you’re perfect the way you are and they would be so upset to know that you’re upset about it :(

look at how sweet these boys are!!

they cares so much!!

they love you so much


please don’t let those rumors make you think that the boys wouldn’t love you!! because they would!! no matter what.